Coaching Services

In my work as an established yoga and pilates instructor, a life coach and a grief educator, I specialize in divorce and grief coaching. I combine my skills of coaching, movement, breath and meditation to help guide my clients through the challenges that life presents.

Grief & Loss
The grieving process is natural and I will help you as you travel through the roller coaster ride. Grief is love and love never dies. Nobody wants to be part of this club and everyone grieves differently. Having someone who holds your hand and witnesses your pain is something that I am here for.

Divorce is a very emotional and complicated experience. Nobody gets married thinking that the relationship will end. I will be that support for you from the beginning, during and after because you need to have that one person you can rely on and help with recovering your power, regain balance and create the new wonderful life that awaits you.

My work supports you in discovering your life purpose, overcoming limiting beliefs, and reclaiming your voice, your strengths and your power.